Founded in 1978, Chien Shing Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (abbr. CSSSC) has been engaging in the stainless steel business more than 3 decades.  In the beginning, CSSSC started with the cutting &  sliding of large  stainless steel coils, trading of various stainless steel materials, and  manufacturing of  customized  stainless  steel  applications.  With  the booming  economic growth in Taiwan in 1970s, the demand of stainless steel sharply increased and the supply was not enough to  meet the domestic demand.  Under such circumstances, CSSSC decided to  extend the upstream  business.  There-fore,  a cold rolling stainless steel plant was  established.  CSSSC  became one of the very few stainless steel coil suppliers in Taiwan.

Situated at the convenient freeway exit, Matou Town, Tainan County, Taiwan,  CSSSC  has built its plant and headquarter office with 33,680 m2 area.  When  the  commissioning  of  the plant was finished in May,  1992, CSSSC started to sell the cold rolling coils. The capacity was up to 75,000 tons per year.  Meanwhile,  the  quality  of  stainless  steel  products  was absolutely a critical  production  factor  in  CSSSC.  In  order  to  upgrade the  quality of products  and  maintain  the quality  standard,  CSSSC  was certified by  DNV  with  ISO  9002  which  was upgraded to  ISO  9001  in year 2001.  Such  quality certificate  can offer the  complete guarantee of product quality to customers.

However, such production scale  CSSSC operated could not meet  all customers”¦ requirements, especially in the global market.  Therefore,  the expansion  of  the  CSSSC”¦s   cold  rolling   plant  was  so  essential  to  be implemented.  In  the  first  year  of  21  century,  the  2nd  Annealing  and Pickling  Line  was  built to offer the products with  higher  quality of  strip surface. While the 2nd Cold Rolling Mill joined the integrated  production lines in the next coming  2  years,  the more  combinations of  product  mix CSSSC supplies,  the  more  alternatives  of  coil  thickness  and  material grade customers  can  choose.  The  synergy  of  such  stainless steel  cold rolling plant not only leverages the production efficiency but also increases the capacity up to 150,000 tons per year.


Even though the stainless steel industry has become tremendously competitive in the recent years, CSSSC still insists on the most fundamental spirits of doing business. The production cost effectively  and  continuously controlled is necessary. The most important mission and always the very first priority is quality  control  that  is endless operated in CSSSC every day. Therefore, CSSSC is keeping taking the responsibility   for  offering  the suitable solutions to customers in the stainless steel coil industry internationally.

The  initial  capital  owned  by  CSSSC  was  USD100,000.  The  capital  currently  is  USD  100  million after increasing in these years. CSSSC has been listing in Taiwan Security Exchange Market publicly since Feb, 1996.